My hovercraft is full of eels

Heyyy. This is a multifandom blog; I post Rooster Teeth, Merlin, Graceland, WLIIA, White Collar, Marvel, The Mentalist, NCIS, Game of Thrones, Hannibal, FMA, New Girl, HIMYM, Shameless... there's more, but I only have so much room. There'll be other random stuff in there too. Hope you like the blog, and chat to me any time!

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2015 is only 5 months away, just let that sink in

What the fuck does the sink want now


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"you can’t be just friends with people of the gender you’re attracted to"
myth actually true. i, as a bisexual, can confirm that i have no friends.

pansexuals spend their lives in solitude, with only rocks for company

meanwhile asexuals are friends with everyone. literally every single person on the planet. i do not know how i remember so many names

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"so the student makes the same m i s t a k e as the teacher..."

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You cannot imagine the absolute shock and confusion I felt when I first found out that not only is there such a thing as blush AND concealer, but that they are actually different things with different purposes.

This is the holy one right

Why are people so attracted to muscles? I don’t get the obsession with big muscles. Stop staring at them. Stop objectifying them. For god’s sake they spend their whole life in the ocean covered in seaweed. That is not attractive. They probably smell too. Get help, people.



I joke about Australian stereotypes but I just stopped myself grabbing something from under my bed because it’s too dark to see and there’s a snake hiding in my room

At least it’s not some rpg-sized spider, be on the lookout for random floating health bars.

If a healing potion is suddenly dropped in my lap I’ll know I’m in trouble

What if our skin was actually just hair or fur that grew extra fine and too close together


Pausing in the middle of a fic because you can literally feel the waves of second hand embarrassment when your OTP does something stupid



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